Eco-aero is the machine designed for dyeing processes of woven and knitted fabrics.
Thanks to its special design nozzles that provides a perfect mixture of air and water, Eco-aero reduces water consumptions and increases the quality of dyeing at the same time.
It’s suitable for woven and knitted fabrics of 50 to 500 grams per square meter.

• Lower water consumption than conventional machines.
• Savings in the consumption of salt and auxiliary chemicals because of low liquor ratio.
• Less steam consumption due to being heated less water during process.
• Excellent penetration of dyes and chemicals into the fabric surface.
• High precision dosing of dye and chemical with proportional valve.
• Ability to make dosing during the washing process.
• Low power consumption thanks to current-control fan driving. 
• Washing process with fresh water at maximum efficiency by FWS. 
• Fabrics with high elastane content can be dyed in open width form.