• Ecologic Plus II

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Ecologic Plus II

Ecologic Plus II is the machine for rope fabric dyeing process designed and produced by Brazzoli.

Ecologic Plus II is the machine for rope fabric dyeing process designed and produced by Brazzoli.

An evolution of the previous Ecologic, this new version controls and automatically operates all the machine parameters (lap time, bath ratio, fabric absorption, pump speed, reel speed) as well as the dyeing phases. Thus optimizing consumption and costs and standardizing the dyeing results in different product batches.

  Light shades Medium shades Dark shades
Basis knit cotton 100% - reactive process
Fabric absorption: 200%
Water l/kg 20 - 22 25 - 26 28 - 32
Steam Kg steam/ Kg fabric 1,1 1,2 1,7
Electric energy kW 0,11 0,12 0,13
Process time
(including loading and unloading)
h and min 4:20 4:40 5:00
    Final liquor ratio : 3,8

The automatic control and management system of the washing process (Innowash) keeps the water consumption ratio at the lowest possible level.

The new O.P.S. (Optimized Performance System) is now at its third version with important mechanical and software innovations, to optimize even more the washing process as well as simplify the maintenance work.

The Multiflex system (exclusive Brazzoli) allows combining machines with different dimensions in order to increase production flexibility, while maintaining quality standards.

The new technical solutions offer greater mechanical reliability, while maintenance procedures have been modified to optimize productivity due to reduced machine downtime.


Ecosynthetic is the machine designed for delicate, light and heavy fabrics.

Ecosynthetic is the machine designed for delicate, light and heavy fabrics. It is suitable for cotton, synthetic, woven and knitted fabrics. Furthermore, it is suitable for knitted and woven fabrics from 50 to 500 grams per linear meter.

The Ecosynthetic is built to dye the fabric, with adjustable turbovary, without tension, rotation and torsion.

The maximum speed of the reel is 600 m / min. Stable water speed via variable nozzle.

Polyester 100%, fabric absortion 200%
  Light shades Middle shades  Dark shades
Aqua (l/kg) 14/17 17/22 22/27
Steam (kg of steam / kg of fabric) 1.0 1.0 1.6
Energy (kW) 0.08 0.09 0.1
Process time (H:min)
(including loading and unloading)
3.10 3.30 4.10
Final liquor ratio 1:7 liters


Aquarius is Brazzoli dyeing machine for samples and/or for small batches.

Aquarius is Brazzoli dyeing machine for samples and/or for small batches. It is ideal for those using Brazzoli production machines, faithfully reproducing the process.

The fabric rope handling system, is exactly the same as the one designed for the dyeing machine used for important quantities, making the results obtained perfectly replicable.

The machine is available in different sizes to better fit to customer needs.

The bathflow, even if in a sampling machine, has been designed to obtain optimal action on the product and to be as uniform and homogeneous as possible. The samples produced with Aquarius guarantee high repeatability and reproducibility.

Technical specifications

    HT25 HT50 HT100
Load capacity* Kg 25 50 100
Bath ratio Min   1:5 1:5 1:5
Max. operating temperature °C 143 143 143
Total power kW 9 9 9
  *Basis knit cotton weight 200-250g/ linear meter


Designed for sample dyeing process between 3 kg - 8 kg fabric capacities.
  • Designed for sample dyeing process between 3 kg - 8 kg fabric capacities.
  • Modular J-box design enables to work with low liquor ratio.
  • Provides high compatibility in the integration of laboratory dyeing receips
 Technical Data
Design temperature 135 °C/min
Design pressure 2,8 bar
Liquor ratio 1:10-1:12
Heating gradient 2,5 °C/min (dry satturated steam pressure at 6 bar))
Lifter reel speed 20 -96 m/min