Ecologic Plus II

An evolution of the previous Ecologic, this new version controls and automatically operates all the machine parameters (lap time, bath ratio, fabric absorption, pump speed, reel speed) as well as the dyeing phases. Thus optimizing consumption and costs and standardizing the dyeing results in different product batches.

The automatic control and management system of the washing process (Innowash) keeps the water consumption ratio at the lowest possible level.

The new O.P.S. (Optimized Performance System) is now at its third version with important mechanical and software innovations, to optimize even more the washing process as well as simplify the maintenance work.

The Multiflex system (exclusive Brazzoli) allows combining machines with different dimensions in order to increase production flexibility, while maintaining quality standards.

The new technical solutions offer greater mechanical reliability, while maintenance procedures have been modified to optimize productivity due to reduced machine downtime.

Technical Details

Light shadesMedium shadesDark shades
Basis knit cotton 100% - reactive process
Fabric absorption: 200%
Waterl/kg20 - 2225 - 2628 - 32
SteamKg steam/ Kg fabric1,11,21,7
Electric energykW0,110,120,13
Process time(including loading and unloading)h and min4:204:405:00
Final liquor ratio : 3,8