Ecosynthetic is the machine designed for delicate, light and heavy fabrics. It is suitable for cotton, synthetic, woven and knitted fabrics. Furthermore, it is suitable for knitted and woven fabrics from 50 to 500 grams per linear meter.

The Ecosynthetic is built to dye the fabric, with adjustable turbovary, without tension, rotation and torsion.

The maximum speed of the reel is 600 m / min. Stable water speed via variable nozzle.

Technical Details

Polyester 100%, fabric absortion 200%
Light shadesMiddle shades Dark shades
Aqua (l/kg)14/1717/2222/27
Steam (kg of steam / kg of fabric)
Energy (kW)
Process time (H:min) (including loading and unloading)3.103.304.10
Final liquor ratio 1:7 liters